The Winning Mindset

By Felix Tih

The Winning Mindset  By Felix Tih
Happy New Year to all. Here’s hoping this is your best year yet. ~Sherrie
Conquer Yourself In 2022
Bruce Lee once said we are born to achieve great things if we can conquer ourselves. “Conquer” is not about subjugating yourself, but instead it is about knowing yourself in order to liberate yourself.No alt text provided for this image“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self ” – Napoleon HillAre you ready to level up your life in 2022? Make up your mind to stay focused on becoming everything you really want to be.You can’t be distracted by things that are keeping you from your life purpose. It’s time to let go of all distractions. Happy 2022!! 🥳 🥳 🥳 Reach out if you want to perform, think better & achieve your goals faster than before.* Follow Felix Tih For More Insights* Follow YouMindset For Daily Growth PS: I help people become the best version of themselves. Message me if you want to think and perform better in 2022. Get Your Winning Mindset FormulaTogether, we have the opportunity to build an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, overcome limiting beliefs in your daily routines and live a full life without self-destructing in the process.

Sherrie Miranda’s “Crimes & Impunity in New Orleans” follows the dramatic story of naive, sheltered Shelly going to “The Big Easy” to prepare for El Salvador, but has no idea she will encounter sexism and witness racism as well as illegal activities by government agents.
Author, Sherrie Miranda’s husband made the trailer for “Crimes & Impunity in New Orleans.” He wrote the music too.
Review: Shelly’s journey in “the city that care forgot.”Sherrie Miranda’s new novel “Crimes and Impunity in New Orleans” puts the reader into a whirlwind of political protests, abusive police, sexist attitudes towards women, and “good old boys” racism in 1980’s New Orleans. Miranda’s second novel follows Shelly, the young northerner, as she quickly finds out that she “isn’t in Kansas anymore” while encountering a slew of picturesque, colorful characters. Reading her book makes you wonder if justice and respect for blacks, immigrants, and women can be reality in America.


Author: Sherrie Miranda

I am an author who writes in order to create more peace and understanding in the world. I am a teacher who has taught students from many countries of the world. I teach Life Writing workshops. I love to travel and first traveled to other countries before finally deciding to see some of the U.S., places that foreigners I met have been to, but that I hadn't. I am happily married to a teacher who identifies himself first, as a musician. We hope to someday travel together to places where I read my novel(s) and speak to people about loving life while Angelo plays his piano and entertains the audience too. I also hope to assist seniors and troubled teens to write their life stories in order to heal. Life has much to offer so I always encourage young people to hang in there and know that things WILL get better.

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