Yourself in Others Shoes



if you can, not being able to walk out of your home because your hard-earned wages will be stolen by people on the street; or you are of that age sought by actors of corruption within the police force or street-gangs; and sometimes you can’t tell the difference…Or worse, you may be raped.


Either way, you never feel safe, warm, protected, or capable of staving-off the pangs of hunger for yourself, your family, no matter how hard you work. Fight or flight is more than a knee-jerk reaction – it is the clarion call to survive.

So, you walk for two-to-three months with only a dream to keep you going.

MeetJorge Joyal. He is 29 years-old, from Honduras, and a father to a six year-old daughter. Mr. Joyal told me he walked for two-to-three months with the hope of coming to the United States. The exercise in imagination…

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