When your President calls a human being a dog

Ends and Beginnings

“When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!” – Trump tweet 8-14-18 at 4:31 am

I really didn’t want to write about Donald J. Trump this morning. Honestly I had hoped he would just sit in his bedroom all day watching Fox News and tweet the “normal” psychobabble he typically does about “Crooked Hillary“, “Witch Hunt“, “Fake Dossier”, “17 Angry Democrats”, etc., etc., etc. which he has. But then he had to slide this little jewel in.

As I noted yesterday I am no fan of Omarosa. My distaste for her though does not equal my disdain for Trump. In my mind she is more on par with my dislike of the Kardashians, made for television stars…

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