Trump’s America

Ends and Beginnings

I'd rather be russian

Yup, this is where we have gotten too. Two old, fat, Deplorable white men at a Trump rally wearing “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” t-shirts. I sent this picture to my sister who said she would love to help these two “fine” gentlemen out by paying for their Uber ride to the airport should they decide to buy a one-way ticket to Moscow. They won’t. As with all things Trump from the man himself to his old, fat, white, redneck followers their mouths (and t-shirts) are writing checks their ass can’t cash.

Maybe you have heard that Trump is on vacation. He describes it as a “working vacation” but based on what I have seen over the last four days what he is really doing is watching CNN and tweeting. I hear you, what is different about what he is doing now compared to what he has done for…

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