Katie The Writer – Life Behind A Painting

Very nice Art that says a lot about both the subject & the artist! 😛😝😳😜😘


Katie The Writer - Original watercolor ©Carolina Russo Katie The Writer – Original watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Katie The Writer 

Today post is about the story  behind one of my latest watercolor painting. A commission work with the title of “Katie The Writer”. I really love to share the story because is a connection that has happened within our Community here on the Blogosphere. It’s beautiful how Bloggers can help each other and open doors. Something really nice happened  to me at the end of the year, actually it was December 26, 2016. That morning I went to check my Blog messages as usual and between the comments I found a message from one of my dear followers Cyranny from the Blog Cyranny’s Cove, she mentioned to me that she had come across a post of another Blogger and while reading it Cyranny could only think about me . In her comment she left the mentioned post link.
I felt that…

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  1. YesterdayAfter · January 21, 2017

    Thank you so much Sherrie, I am happy that you like it! I appreciate the reblog very much I hope this story will inspire others! ❤


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