Going to the La Jolla Writer’s Conference/May be taking a 2 1/2 day break due to old laptop

My laptop is a 2004 Sony VIAO which still feels like a great PC to me, but it runs really slow & I couldn’t even get on-line until my Tech guy came & changed some things. The date on it was 2001! How does it have a date from before it was even made?!

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me before, I’ll be back in touch Sunday evening! Please take a look at some of my recent posts, esp. the one titled “The Truth, the Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth About This Election:   https://sherriemiranda1.wordpress.com/2016/11/10/the-truth-the-whole-truth-nothing-but-the-truth-about-this-election/

Peace, love & justice for all,                                                                                                                    Sherrie                                                                                                                                                            Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:


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