It Isn’t About Politics

I have not heard it better said than this! We, the people, deserve the best from our highest leader. 😔😌😒😢
Peace, love & justice for all,

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I believe some people have forgotten what the presidency of the United States is about.

It isn’t politics.

It’s trust.  And faith.   And hope.

And leadership.

Dignity and decorum.

It’s about people, every day people, who live in this country.   And these people work hard, and harder, for their family, their country, and for themselves.   These people want their work to have value.  They want to support their families and still have time to breathe.   These people want to know where this country is going and they want to support that direction.   All the while still providing for their own little part of the country.

These people want hope.   They want to believe in the possibility being here affords everyone.  They want to believe in possibility, period.

The people want a leader.  A leader who earns respect, and gives respect.

On one of…

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  1. The V Pub · October 18, 2016

    My opinion on this election – with two fatally flawed candidates – is that it really comes down to nationalism vs. globalism. Neither is right or wrong, but necessarily opposed to each other.


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