Only One

Tosha Michelle is an amazing poet! Her words can break your heart or heal your mortal wounds. She always finds the perfect image & often gifts us with a beautiful video too! Even she hasn’t her “Only One” yet, she will. 😉😘☺️😍
Peace, love & a great partner for all,

Everything I Never Told You


She only wants to bare her body
to one man, only one to know her bones,
the sighs of her mouth, of her heart,
the naked parts of her soul.

Only one man to strip down her voice,
to breathe back her breath,
only one to know the wilderness of her desire,
to know only one man calls out to her in his dreams,
speaking her name as if it were pagan as if
it were a psalm.

She wants uncompromising totality, the near impossible breath
from water, fire, bare, possession unclothed, belonging to one man,
his being inside of her, the only one she wants
to want. His bones. Her bones. Belonging.

She wants one man, only one, to undress his soul for her only.
Knowing that it won’t always be easy
some nights his heart might ache
for the touch of new bones, the unknown breath,
the unclothed…

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