All American Girl

Tosha is such a talented young woman. Her poem reminds me so much of my youth & other stages of my life. It is so calming when you finally find a life that fits you like a glove. I wish that life for her and all who are wandering through life trying to find something, but unsure what they are looking for.
Tosha, thanks for the poem, as well as the art & video. 😊😜😉😳😘
Peace, love & real living to all,

Everything I Never Told You


I wish I could look through fog,
live the serene life
be content to catch
the sun I can.

I, who’ve been pressed
and molded into
some American dream,
feel more confined
than liberated.

The back story- I’m more
a wanderer than a watcher
More enticed by the exotic
than familiar. I confess.
I’m unsettled.

Today’s wind tugs at me.
The sky urges me to fly.
My mouth hungry for the nectar
of fallen fruit

Inside my heart, an escape plan.
Outside my body glued
to habit and structure.

Rebellion turns my head.
It clings to me like mist.

Briefly, my ribs expand and
I flutter before reality
pulls me back.
Heaving then settling.
Leaving me with
the sticky aftereffects
and in that interlude,
I know my soul would soar
if my mind would only
let it.

-Tosha Michelle

My cover of “Underneath” by Adam Lambert. This song has so…

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  1. Tosha Michelle · February 18, 2016

    Thank you!


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