The Power of Fear -What is Stopping You?

Thanks, Charlotte, for reminding us that Fear is often not valid & even when it is valid, we should do it anyway!
Peace, love & making your dreams come true!

Charlotte Hunt / Author, Counselor, Speaker

fearFear often stops us in our tracks and not only attacks our potential but aims to cut off our purpose.  Although fear can be our friend that warns us of impending danger, more often it is an enemy that attacks through our assumptions, beliefs, thoughts, and of course, the unknown road ahead. 

It tells us not to move forward without evidence, that danger truly exists or will overtake us.  It gives us that queasy feeling that something is not right or is strange.

Fear is that anxiety or unpleasant feeling we have when we anticipate something that we perceive as danger or discomfort.  It is anything we sense as an attack to our comfort, safety, or control.   Fear-motivated thoughts are all about “I can’t,” “I’m not able,” and “I’m not good enough.”  While we certainly have healthy fears or certain phobias of the things, people, or situations in…

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