The Czech Girl Story

This is what I call the Conquistador Mentality (please don’t take it personally!). Basically, it’s when you HAVE to have somebody (or some thing), but once you win the contest or game, the game is over. You got what you wanted and now want to move on the the next thing.
The Czech girl had it more than you, though I don’t hesitate to say you both had the Conquistador Mentality. She had to have you; she did everything to get you, but once you were there, once you were finally hers, she no longer wanted the game. Her boyfriend probably had it the worst. Once he learned he had competition, he wanted back in the game.
I was with and even married a guy with an EXTREME Conquistador Mentality. I kept trying to leave, kept leaving and he kept pulling me back. When I finally left him for good, he traveled to meet my family and asked my mom to convince me to come back to him. My mom told him “Sherrie does what Sherrie wants. It wouldn’t matter what I told her.”
When my mom told me that at a later date, I knew that my mom finally “got” me. She was right. No one would convince me to change my mind once it was made up, ESPECIALLY after THIS experience. I was forever changed, much like you.
Oh, and by the way, he was a foreigner too. There’s something about people that have a first language and culture different from one’s own. The mystery, the unknowable, the FANTASY!
We, women, have a worse one though, even though we can also have the Conquistador Mentality too. That one is called the Cinderella Mentality. Many girls and young women believe that some Prince Charming is going to come sweep them off their feet and rescue them from their dire circumstances. It takes years, IF we ever do get over this idea. Of course, many of the males have the Prince Charming Mentality too.
And I can think of three women right now who had the Prince Charming Mentality. They thought they could save the man, make him happy and then they WOULD be happy too. (Ooops, I just thought of a fourth one! Yes, myself!)
And so it goes, life is about growing up and realizing that stories are just stories, games are just games, and life has to be lived with all it’s bruises and warts. If you can’t accept the imperfections, you better move on. Chances are that you will, one day, find that IMPERFECT person who is JUST RIGHT for you. Or you may decide you would rather just be that imperfect person, alone, with no one there to yell about you leaving crumbs and your clothes all over the house!
Whatever it ends up being, I do believe “Everything happens for a reason.”
P.S. My 3rd and last husband truly is my Prince Charming! I (mostly) laugh about the crumbs and the clothes, and he teases me after I get upset and cry, or yell, or both. 😉 ❤
Sherrie Miranda's historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:


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