Real opportunity for indie authors who seek translators and foreign language editions

I honestly believe my novel will be much more popular in Spanish, as Latinos like to know about their fellow Latinos and their countries. And Spaniards would likely be interested because of the importance of the Catholic Church in my novel.
Now would be a great time to get this translated and released in Spanish with the popularity of Pope Francis, as well as the beatification of Monseñor Romero, who looms large in my novel.
Not sure if I’m asking too much, as I want a Salvadoran author (preferably fiction) translator, preferably female. I want the translation to have the “Salvadorismos” in it as Salvadorans love to play with their language and add new words. Then there’s also the words that come from the Pipil Indians and other Indigenous people.
As Roz says, translating fiction is very difficult. The translator needs to be completely fluent in both languages. Fortunately, I have friends (ex-in-laws that I really still consider family) who can tell me if the translation is good. In fact, I even know someone who is retired that could do the final editing of the Spanish version. 😉 ❤
I know I can't rush this, but I also don't want to put it on the back burner either. Please wish the best for me in this process.
Sherrie Miranda
Sherrie Miranda's historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:

Nail Your Novel

Place_des_ecritures_FigeacTranslated editions can be a great way to reach a wider audience. But they’re expensive and risky to fund yourself. A translator has to reinterpret and rewrite your book, and that level of expertise isn’t cheap.

Sharks and scammers abound, especially as it’s hard to evaluate the results. Then how do you get the translated edition proof read? How do you market in a language you don’t speak?

For years I’ve been exploring options to get my books translated but so far I’ve had false starts. I’ll share a few cautionary tales below. But the reason I’m writing this post is because Amazon Publishing has opened up an important new opportunity. Its imprint AmazonCrossing, which publishes works in translation, has announced it’s seeking submissions from rightsholders, including indie authors (apply here).

This would be a publishing deal, of course, so much depends on whether you’re a good fit…

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Author: Sherrie Miranda

I am an author who writes in order to create more peace and understanding in the world. I am a teacher who has taught students from many countries of the world. I am also a life and writing coach. I love to travel and first traveled to other countries before finally deciding to see some of the U.S., places that foreigners I met have been to, but that I hadn't. I am happily married to a teacher who identifies himself first, as a musician. We hope to someday travel together to places where I read my novel(s) and speak to people about loving life while Angelo plays his piano and entertains the audience too. I also hope to assist seniors and troubled teens to write their life stories in order to heal. Life has much to offer so I always encourage young people to hang in there and know that things WILL get better.

One thought on “Real opportunity for indie authors who seek translators and foreign language editions”

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Sherrie! Even a translation into a ‘standard’ language, if there is such a thing in discerning circles, is tricky. But your case is even more particular, Sherrie. Definitely wishing you the best.


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