Redefining Patience

I saved Kendall’s post until I returned home and could read it slowly and breath it in, and remember all those years when I had so little patience, I seldom finished anything I started. I also got involved with people (both as friends AND in relationships) that were totally wrong for me in my rush to make friends and not be alone.
When I had a problem, I felt like it was the worst thing in the world & walked around crying for days, I suppose, waiting for someone to save me.
But I started turning that around about 11 years ago, and finally getting my MFA in Creative Writing was a huge breakthrough, especially because I finished it with a 4.0. And finally, in February of this year, my novel that had been in my head for thirty-some years was getting published.
I have learned a lot about patience from my teacher/musician husband. He has waited more than 30 years to be able to call himself a musician (& only a musician) and will soon be able to do that.
He also had the sense not to rush into marriage and regret it later. Between teaching and music, he had very little time for other activities.
So, even though I am still on this road of learning patience and not pushing things to happen too soon, or maybe ever, I feel good about how far I’ve come. I will keep this in mind as I continue on in this life and remember that THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE TAKE TIME TO HAPPEN.
Peace & love to all,

The Neighborhood

cover photo Patience by Pete B

Patience is not simply the ability to wait –
its how we behave while we’re waiting.
– Joyce Meyer



PatienceWhen we were all just kids, our parents would often tell us or demand of us, “Patience, we will be there soon.” But even if we were of the age and could tell time, it still had no meaning, like the week before Christmas, which  felt like a torturous month. But each time we asked, “Is Santa here yet?” patience was the word that filled the void of a proactive response. As adults, rather we are counting down the days to our long overdue vacation or for any other joyous pursuits, we often consider  patience, as our only consolation

But patience has a darker side, sinister for its ability to hide, clever in its disguise, fooling us into believing, it is an attribute…

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