I was wondering why so many people had turned out, when suddenly: an electrifying moment.

Am very glad I figured out how to get in here from my husband’s iPad. We are away from home for 2 weeks & forgiveness is a subject near and dear to my heart. Once I learned to forgive, my life to a rapid change for the better. Remember: you don’t forgive for the other person; you do it for yourself so you can have peace and focus on more important things. Also, just because you forgive someone, you do not have to let them back in your life. If you do allow them back, keep your boundaries up so they can’t hurt you again.

Live & Learn


“On a weekday evening in early September, more than 400 people, from their late teens to their early 80s, crowded into a standing-room-only event on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The topic was not politics, film, fashion, celebrity or any other subject that could be expected to draw such a crowd. The topic was forgiveness. Sitting in the audience, I was wondering why so many people had turned out, when suddenly: an electrifying moment.

About halfway through the discussion, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, a speaker and the author of “Jewish Literacy,” asked this question: “In how many of your families, at the level of first cousin or closer, are there people not on speaking terms?”

Two-thirds of the people in the room raised their hands. I, along with everyone else, gasped.

“I know,” he said. “It’s a staggering figure…

~ Bruce Feiler, How to Ask for Forgiveness, in Four Steps 

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