Review of “Smaller and Smaller Circles” by F.H. Batacan

5.0 out of 5 stars
Batacan’s novel is skillfully written! Hats off to the priests of the world who refuse to let a murder go unsolved!
Batacan's debut novel
Reviewed by Sherrie Miranda
Verified Amazon Purchase
This review is for: “Smaller and Smaller Circles” (Hardcover)
Yes, this is a dark story because of the murders of these “throw-away” boys. But the love from the two priests trying to help the incompetent police comes through loud and clear.
Ms. Batacan’s understanding of police work and crime scene investigation is extensive, which only makes the book that much more believable.
My guess is that Batacan has fictionalized an actual serial killer’s murders as she makes the reader understand how two priests who wouldn’t give up forced the police to keep looking for the murderer even after they had already pinned the murders on someone else.
This novel made me appreciate the Catholic clergy serving low-income communities all over the world even more than I did before. (I wrote about a few in my own novel.
It never occurred to me how well educated and well trained these men and women of the cloth had to be by the time they got to the country they were going to serve. I assume these priests were from Spain, but nowhere is it said outright.
Wherever these priests are from, I ma just glad to know there are people like them in the world: people who won’t give up on the oppressed and downtrodden even when the rest of the world has long forgotten their struggle.
Thank you, Ms. Batacan, for telling us this beautiful love story, the love between two priests and a people that no one else seems to care about. Excellent work, all the way around!

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